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Photography of fine art at the Sanchez Art Center.

*Sample images made with the lighting set up I will use-no glare, cropped to edge.

*$20.00 for the first photo, $10.00 each additional photo up to 10 per artist.

*Maximum artwork size: 48" on long side.

*Finished photos delivered @ May 1-

*Large jpeg file up to 18MB/5000 pixels @ 300 dpi and one "websize" file @ 1200 pixels @ 72 dpi of each artwork.

* Large jpeg photos delivered by private downloadable gallery (just like this one) -websize by email.

*Payment by cash, check or credit card through PayPal day of photo session.

*Delivery by CD or flash media add $20.00 and total sale subject to 9.25% sales tax.

*Online delivery not subject to sales tax.

*Any questions please contact me through my contact page here.