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Photographs made near Davenport, Cailfornia. All images were shot on 4x5 film.
Freshet, Sentinal, Davenport Cove 2002Pacific Portal, DavenportClearing Storm, Bonny DoonOut of the PortalRolling Thunderheads, Bonny DoonDavenport Rock, 1998Concretions, Davenport Landing 2003Flotsam, Davenport LandingDavenport Landing, Far South #1Davenport Cove, 1986Davenport Rock, 2000Ebbing Tide, Bonny Doon BeachDavenport Landing, Far South #2Davenport Landing, 2005Abstraction, Davenport Cove 2003South Bluffs, Bonny DoonSeabrook, Bonny Doon 1998Panorama of Davenport Cove, 2002Davenport Landing 2004