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Seascapes, abstractions and images from my "Fallen Trees" series. Ano Nuevo is famous for the Elephant Seal colony on the beaches south of the cape. The north side of the cape has some awesome vistas and a crumbling series of low bluffs. Thus I have a new foreground when I return every year to make new work.
Flat Rock, Ano Nuevo 2004Seabrook, Storm Light Ano Nuevo 2007Cascade Creek, Ano Nuevo 1997Ebb Tide, Ano Nuevo 2003Fallen Tree series, 2011Fallen Trees Abstraction #11 2006Ano Nuevo North, 2011Fallen Trees, Ano NuevoFallen Trees, Ano Nuevo 2006Fallen Trees #12, Ano Nuevo 2003Fallen Tree #19, 2011, Ano NuevoAno Nuevo, 2003