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Unique darkroom photographs made on a fine French paper long out of production- Guilleminot-Boestflug "Brilliant" #2. Only available in @ 8"x10" size, dry mounted on 4 ply rag board. Numbered edition of no more than 20.
Fallen Tree #19, 2011, Ano NuevoFallen Tree series, 2011Flat Rock, Ano Nuevo 2004Ano Nuevo North, 2011Seabrook, Bonny Doon 1998Out of the PortalDavenport Rock, 2000Davenport Landing, Far South #2Squall, Panther BeachPanther Beach, 2012Reef, Panther Beach 1998Breakers, North Panther beach (Koda Cove) 2102Driftwood in Scott Creek, 2006Shelter, Scott Creek 2006Recumbent Driftwood #2, Waddell 2006