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Reference page for 2014 ACGA participants.

I will be set up to photograph art Friday July 11 @ Noon-5pm and Saturday July 12 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Backdrops- medium grey, black or white seamless, lighting appropriate to the subject.

-We can photograph art up to @ 30x30" on seamless background.

-Assemblage may be accommodated time permitting.

-Photograph up to (6) artworks each. Best to call me (408)286-3979 or email me [email protected] to make an appointment. Or just stop by when you can get away from your booth!

-I will have tables set up for drop off and pick up.

-Payment by cash, check- debit or credit card accepted, through PayPal. I will create an invoice for you.

-$50.00 per artwork inclusive.

-Please call or email anytime with any questions!
Diane LevinsonBarbara SebastianJennie KleinMargaret Grisz-DowJan Schacter